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Welcome to Returns

  • You are about to begin your Anothersole Return Process.
  • Please enter your email and order number in the following format. #SGXXXX.
  • Please ensure that you are using a computer that is connected to a printer and is able to print your waybill.
  • You will be asked to fill in some information should they be blank. Please fill in all the fields as they are required.
  • Please ensure that you have wrapped your shoe in a mailer or plastic to provide protection for your return parcel. Please see the example image of a wrapped package below.
  • You must place the waybill prominently on the top of the parcel.
  • Please see the image below for an example of a parcel that is ready to be sent to us.
  • You will be guided on the locations that will accept your drop-off returns to us.

Take note that it is:

1. Neatly wrapped in plastic to protect the shoes

2. Waybill is printed clearly and placed prominently on the box.

3. Anothersole does not accept responsibility for any parcels that are not logged by our return partner locations. You should insist that the return item is logged before leaving any of the 40 return locations.

4. You will be contacted via email with regards to your return and replacement method once we have verified that your return meets our return policy standards. You can view those conditions here

Personal Information

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Please enter details of the order item you wish to return.

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Service Options

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You will be required to print out a label and securrely attach it to your return package before dropping at a convenient drop-off point. You can view valid drop-off points below, click one to select it and then click continue.

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Drop-Off Locations

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Return Details

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Items to return

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Service option


The courier will bring a label to attach to your parcel, but you will also receive a label that you may want to print and attach to your parcel in advance.



Your package can be returned via your local postal service. We will provide you will a postal label, which you can attach to your package and take to any post office. Please retain the proof of posting for reference.



By placing this return order you agree that you have checked the above information and that it is valid to the best of your knowledge. If any of the information is incorrect, please use the edit buttons to make amendments before continuing.


Please review the outstanding balance below and click Procced to payment to complete the transaction.

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Thank You

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Your full package label is now available and had also been emailed to you.

You will need to package your item(s) carefully and to the best of your ability to prevent unwanted damage. Then you are required to print the label you have been provided with and attach it securely to the parcel. You will not be able to return your package without a physical label.

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